Glove up Boxing Fitness Class

Safely learn boxing techniques that will encourage, strengthen, and increase awareness. This is self-defense and fitness class all in one. Glove-Up Boxing Fitness is an easy to follow fitness class designed to improve your overall body’s condition. The class begins with foot work drills that teach you simple techniques to improve your balance and coordination. By moving your feet this improves cardiovascular fitness. Using the heavy bag, mitts, and shadow boxing drills improves body mechanics by increasing muscular strength and endurance. This 75minute class will improve your overall body condition in 1 workout guaranteed.

* Bring a towel, water, supportive shoes, and a clean shirt. (You will need it for the ride home)

**No special equipment required for the first class

Class meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 545pm

About Cathleen Fink

Cathy is a certified personal trainer.

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