Additional Group Exercise

Are you a person that thrives on the energy of group activity? Are you new to working out or are you looking to spice up your current routine a little? Then group exercise classes may be right for you. Group exercise classes give you the ability to try out different intensities and types of workouts in a high energy, fun and cost effective way. Group exercise classes vary from low to high impact and are suited for all fitness levels.

Resistance Training – Arms & Legs

Cathy and Christine Curls EditedThis group training class will focus on the exercise involved with any arm motion that includes the biceps, triceps and legs and cardio mixed in throughout the workout to maintain fat burning resistance training.

* Please note that an initial assessment is mandatory for all new client to ensure a positive experience.



Cardio, Ball, Bar, Pilates, and Core


Kenpo and Kickboxing

P90X X-Stretch

This is a active recovery workout meaning that if you feel you can do some workout this would be great.  This class is a  Range of Motion exercise class or stretching designed to maintain muscular balance and may assist in the injury prevention,  X-Stretch will increase the mobility in all major muscle groups.  Designed for all fitness levels.


Shoulders and Arms

Get those arms pumped and rocking.  This class takes body sculpting to the next level.


CardioX and Abs

This is a 45 minute class that class concentrates on all areas of the abdominals.  By just using your body weight and a mat to strengthen your core, increase flexibility and endurance of your lower back. When your core is strong your overall body’s strength will improve without lifting heavy weights.  This class is easy to follow and for all fitness levels.

Ab workout


This class begins with ………

Jump Start

This class begins with ………

Legs and Back

This class begins with ………

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