What is Cellulite? How do I get rid of it?

What is it?

Everyone has it because it is nothing more than Body Fat.  The scientific explanation is that the collagen (connective tissue) is anchored by column like structures that connect to the muscle below and the skin above, leaving spaces for fat and to poke through creating a bumpy look.    Women’s skin is naturally thinner due to estrogen.

How do I get rid of it?

Exercise is your best weapon. Using a the combination of strength training which helps two fold first by   building up of lean muscle tissue and increasing your body metabolism.  Then by adding a session of high intensity cardio for at least 20 minutes at the intensity 75% max heart rate. I personally and professionally have used this in all my training seen a decrease in dimpled appearance in 4 weeks. This is the Workout Plan This is a workout that you can do daily to blast those dimples into submission. Performing the following exercise for 30-60 reps and swiftly moving between exercises without resting.
  1. On all 4’s making sure your shoulders are over your hands, and knee’s under your hips, begin with the right leg extend the leg until straight slightly turn foot out and flexed to ensure the gluteus and hamstring  muscles are being use.  Return the start position without setting the knee down.  Repeat with left side
  2. Remaining on all 4’s keeping leg bent with foot flex in a 90 degree angle slightly drop the knee about 3 inches then raise it to parallel to the floor . Repeat w/ left side
  3. On all 4’s this a combination of both previous moves first part extend hip and knee to parallel to floor with slight turn out. Second then bend knee to 90 degree position and press up and down 1x then returning to start position Repeat with the other side.
  • Once you master these exercises you can increase the repetitions to 60-100 then begin to do them for time starting with 1 minute.  Also you can add ankle weight or resistant bands to increase the workload.