Strengthen Your Dream

Avoid Self- Sabotage Strengthen your Dream

Resist the temptation to give up, give in. We always think that the reasons why is because we are weak minded that is not the case. WE are strong we sabotage our DREAM because our pull to give up is stronger than our dream.


Lets Pump your Dream up, strengthen it in all ways so that when self doubt, self sabotage comes our dream will be able to strengthen your resolve to reach your goals.

See your Dreams come true with your eyes wide open

Here are Strategies’ to avoid Self Sabotage and strengthen your dream

  1. Place a picture or list of your dream on the ceiling of above your bed, so you see you dream every morning and every evening.
  2. Put a picture or list of your dream on the Bathroom door.
  3. Put one in your wallet
  4. Put one on your refrigerator
  5. Power of Pressure– Talk about your dream and goals. Tell people about your Dreams. This away is become stronger because people will help you say on track focused. The more people know the more you have to accomplish the goal.
  6. Dream Buddy- Teaming up with someone or something that will keep you in line focused on your goals. This reinforces your commitment to making your dream a reality.
  7. Join Creative Fitness Fan page I will help encourage and motivate if you become weak it is easy to give in but reach out. I can be there for you through the tough times or self doubt and strengthen your RESOLVE.
  8. Associate your Dream with a song that inspires you. This will help when you’re tempted to abandon your dream, listen to the song this will rekindle your passion for your dream.
  9. Keep a journal – record your experience, your thoughts the more you write the stronger your dream becomes.
  10. When FACED with temptation ask yourself, “What you really want….”


Here at Creative Fitness Pittsburgh we provide each and every client with a environment for change. We not only instruct, educate, and motivate. We help DREAMS come true.