Mason Jar Salad

Many of you have asked for easy lunch ideas to bring with you when you’re on-the-go. Mason Jar salads are the perfect fix, and they look cute too! Today, our friends at are sharing a tasty and nutritious recipe you can easily make ahead of time. If you’re looking for more on-the-go healthy eating tips along with more Mason Jar salad recipes, take a look at your Bridal Edition from your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan! Make a Mason Jar Salad This is my little secret for keeping a salad fresh for hours after you prepare it—and that little secret is the mason jar. What isn’t a mason jar good for? Start by pouring a splash of dressing in your jar and then pack the rest of your salad in tightly so that most of your veggies aren’t coming in contact with the dressing (dressed lettuce spoils more quickly). Stick with heartier greens like kale and your salad will last even longer. When you are ready to dress your salad, just shake and serve. Here’s one of my favorite kale salad recipes to try Ingredients • fresh kale, rinsed, dried and chopped • toasted pine nuts • dried cranberries • grilled chicken or garbanzo beans • balsamic vinaigrette Instructions • Pour a splash of vinaigrette into your mason jar, followed by cranberries, pine nuts, grilled chicken and kale. • At lunchtime just, shake, serve, and enjoy.