Healthy Picnic Choices

Picnic food

Remember that a picnic is a social event that involves eating this doesn’t have to be a reason to make unhealthy snacks.

  • FRESH Veggies are a great snack they are high and fiber and fill you up instead of the empty high calorie chips.  Cut up cucumbers, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, red & yellow pepper and carrots.
  • For Great dips use low fat or fat free sour cream add dry seasoning mixes and spices to add flavor but not increase calories.  Also Salsa and hummus are great low fat flavorful dips.
  • Salads that include mayonnaise you can use reduced fat or fat free or a mixture of both.  Also, you can add mustard and relish which can add flavor with out all the fat calories.  Try and use only use half the normal amount and add light Italian salad dressing to make up for flavor and texture.  Adding more veggies and spices are a great way to keep the calories low.
  • Green mixes that require oil and vinegar.  Double the amount of vinegar by adding to type’s sherry and balsamic vinegar adds different flavor and half the amount of oil.  Use only Olive or canola oils which are heart healthy.  Let this marinate over night with garlic and lemon zest to really make this dish tasty.
  • Try and eat whole grain buns and roll if you can if not remove it all together you can eat both a hamburger and hot dog if you eat them without the bun.
  • Fresh Fruit cut up watermelon or mix a fruit salad with wild berries, peaches, oranges, melons, pears, and apples.  To make even taster treat add reduces fat cool whip.  Yummy
  • If you want a healthy cake alternative that will be sure to please get an angel food cake with fresh cut strawberries.

Get out there and PLAY!

Exercise doesn’t have to be at a gym play Frisbee, paddle ball, throw the football, or even go for a stroll.  This gets you moving and can be fun way to socialize without eating.

Enjoy You Friends and Family Have a GREAT Holiday!