Group Exercise Classes

Are you a person that thrives on the energy of group activity? Are you new to working out or are you looking to spice up your current routine a little? Then group exercise classes may be right for you. Group exercise classes give you the ability to try out different intensities and types of workouts in a high energy, fun and cost effective way. Group exercise classes vary from low to high impact and are suited for all fitness levels. Ultimate Body Workout: This class is for all fitness levels.  Not one area of the body will be neglected. This class takes body sculpting to the next level.  The problem areas butt, belly and thighs will be targeted.  Also we will perform body weight exercises to improve your arms and strengthen your lower back.  Deep stretching will be done at the conclusion of class to improve your body and maximize your results.  Knockout Workout:  This class begins with a warm up of traditional Cardio Kickboxing but that is where the similarities end.  We use 2min rounds with 30sec rest to punch and kick heavy bags, speed bag work and focus mitts.  This class maximizes calorie burn while relieving stress the class for you.  Hand Wraps are required. Abs, Core, and Floor:  This is a 45 minute class that class concentrates on all areas of the abdominals.  By just using your body weight and a mat to strengthen your core, increase flexibility and endurance of your lower back. When your core is strong your overall body’s strength will improve without lifting heavy weights.  This class is easy to follow and for all fitness levels. Boot Camp:  This is a safe and effective workout that improves the overall strength and condition of your body.  This military inspired workout which includes functional body weight exercises to burn fat and build muscle efficiently and effectively.  While improving agility, balance and coordination.  Different exercises are introduced weekly to keep you motivated and improve your overall body condition.  This is a safe and fun workout for all fitness levels.
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