6 simple yet effective ways to keep from dwelling on things.

  1. Distract yourself:

    Your mind needs something else to focus on, so give it something! Take time out to turn on music, scrub your bath tub or take a walk (count your steps as you walk). Believe it or not, ten minutes is all you need to shift focus!

  2. Make a “date” to dwell:

    Don’t allow you to dwell, make a “date” to think about it later. For instance from 6-7pm tonight, until then you are banned from thinking about it! By making a “date” not only to you allow yourself to move on from those thoughts, often times you are in a clearer state of mind when that time comes.

  3. Take 3 minutes: (consider this a healthy dose of mindfulness)

    1min. – Close your eyes and acknowledge all the thoughts in your head.

    1min. – Focus on your breathing.

    1min. – Expand your awareness of your body.

By taking time out to pay attention in this way, it gives us the unique opportunity to understand the questions we are asking ourselves. What is the urgency? Why can’t I let this go? We can then reconsider them from a new perspective.

  1. Ask yourself:

    What’s the worst thing that could happen? How can I cope?

    Dr. Joyce Beck, cognitive behavioral therapist says to visualize yourself handling the most extreme outcome, to alleviate anxiety. Then consider the likely hood of the happening. Finally imagine the best possible outcome.

    By this point you will be in a more positive state of mind and be able to access the situation more realistically.

  2. Call a Buddy:

    Call someone that will help talk you off the ledge and refocus your attention more constructively.

  3. Say “oh well”:

    Sometimes we have to accept that we are human and we will make mistakes. Forgive yourself, it is harder than it sounds, but with time and practice it will enable you to let go of the anxious thoughts and be more constructive.