5 ways To Make Health a Habit

5 Simple ways to make Health a Habit In a stressful world that we live in I find that the one of the hardest for people is to get revved up to workout.  Here 5 ways one can make some adjustments that are life changing and are cheap. START today…… Use the alarm clock to go to sleep.  An hour before you need to go to sleep set a alarm as a way of putting yourself in pre-sleep “wind-down” plan.  Try and use this time to power down try and avoid stimulating activities (i.e. Surfing the internet).  Dim the lights, listen to relaxing music, light a lavender candle, take a bath, and read a not so interesting book.  The goal is the get to sleep between 10-11pm and wake up fully rested. Eat a big BreakfastResearch studies point out that people who ate more calories at breakfast lost 5x more weight.  Having a big breakfast leaves you less hungry throughout the day and helps you make healthier choices.  If you eat a protein rich breakfast you actually trick your body into that there is plenty of fuel and your body does feel like its starving.  This also helps to lower your stress hormones while having food to burn instead of your hard earned muscle. Try a new veggie each week.   In a fast paced world we tend to get in routines with eating and become bored.  This is one simple way to spice your eating up and it’s really easy. Maybe add grilled red peppers with olive oil and sea salt, or add mushrooms to your fish.  Choices are what life all about. So, you can put them into your routine.  You can pick cauliflower 1 week then leeks the next.  This simple way to excite your taste buds with foods that are healthy and low in calories with valuable antioxidants and fiber. Buy a pedometer to lose more.  People believe that they walk miles in a day, but the truth is they are walking from their car to the office and later maybe walking the dog around the block.  You can’t kid yourself if you buy a pedometer and count your steps.  It can be fun and mentally challenging game to try and top the previous day.  You may even find yourself parking farther away from the office to get your steps numbers up.  Either way it’s a win-win situation and a major life changer.