P90X Total Body Conditioning

P90X Chest and Back

This resistance workout is all about pushing and pulling movements.  Strengthening all the muscles of the upper torso which includes  Chest, Anterior and Posterior Shoulders, Traps, and Arms.  12 Dynamic and challenging exercises for all fitness levels.

Gina at the Bands


P90X Kenpo

Kenpo is a system of martial arts.  This workout is high intensity cardiovacular routine using a combination of punches, blocks, and kicks.  KenpoX is slightly more endurance oriented than most of the P90X workout; this routine will works your entire body.  This routyine is for all fitness levels



P90X X-Stretch

This is a active recovery workout meaning that if you feel you can do some workout this would be great.  This class is a  Range of Motion exercise class or stretching designed to maintain muscular balance and may assist in the injury prevention,  X-Stretch will increase the mobility in all major muscle groups.  Designed for all fitness levels.



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